A Franklin, TN Appellate Practice that Achieves Results

Every case that goes to trial can be won or lost for any reason. Based on that reason — or reasons — an unfriendly verdict may be appealed. Some appeal issues are simple; some are complex and have far-reaching implications for the future of state or federal law. In every instance, the parties’ interests hang in the balance.

Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, McGill, Walters, An Association of Attorneys, recognizes the importance of the outcome to clients seeking final resolution in their injury, criminal defense, business or divorce matter. The attorneys abide by a two-fold legal strategy — to develop the best case possible at trial and to advance clients’ causes on appeal.

Establishing a case for appeal

The attorneys strive to win every case. Even winning isn’t the end, though. The losing party may appeal. The case the attorneys presented at trial must be solid enough to prevail on a challenge in a higher court. As they build each case, they anticipate appeal points and how best to preserve them.

Once a trial concludes in a state or federal court, the attorneys have a limited time to file post-trial motions asking the court to vacate all or part of its rulings or the jury verdict. If the trial judge is not swayed, the attorneys must file an appeal with the higher court within a specified time.

Appellate strategies

The attorneys take on cases they championed in the lower courts, as well as new cases requiring experienced appellate counsel. The attorneys attack both types of cases with the same resources and rigor, keeping clients apprised of their options.

Once the attorneys prepare to advance or to defend an appeal, they marshal their considerable knowledge and experience in this intricate area of law. They craft well-reasoned briefs and present oral arguments in court. The resulting cases impact the laws that apply to future cases.

Nearly every aspect of the practice can involve an appeal:

  • Family law
  • Criminal law
  • Personal injury
  • Business and contract law

Perfecting an appeal requires experience above and beyond typical trial work. A skilled appeals attorney can make or break a case.

Choose a competent, resourceful Tennessee appellate lawyer

Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, McGill, Walters, An Association of Attorneys, has a demonstrated record of success in appellate proceedings. To discuss any aspect of a case, contact them online..