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Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, McGill, and Walters, An Association of Attorneys, excel in contract law, providing comprehensive assistance– drafting and reviewing contracts and litigating when they are breached or challenged. They have particular experience inbusiness law and real estate contracts.

Drafting solid contracts

The attorneys draft clearly worded, easily interpreted documents without language that violates state or federal laws or regulations. Additionally, the attorneys review contracts drafted by other firms to ensure they protect clients’ rights and interests.

Championing client interests in contract disputes

Even when a contract seems airtight, a dispute can erupt. One party chooses not to, or is unable to, uphold its duties under the contract. Misrepresentations may have been made. Attorneys in the association quickly step in to resolve disputes, through negotiation and mediation, when possible, and through litigation when that presents the best opportunities for clients.

Contracts typically exist between businesses, between consumers and a business and between individuals. Types of contacts the attorneys deal regularly with include:

  • Insurance — Coverage agreements for property damage, personal injury, healthcare benefits
  • Construction — Building contracts, subcontractor agreements
  • Real estate — Purchase agreements, mortgage agreements, leases
  • Business – Commercial relationships governed by:
    • Employee agreements
    • Equipment leases
    • Franchise agreements
    • Intellectual property rights agreements
    • Licensing agreements
    • Noncompete agreements
    • Nondisclosure contracts
    • Partnership agreements
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Vendor agreements

One-on-one attention sets the contract law attorneys apart. They strive to earn your trust, explain the law and work diligently to ensure your contract interests are protected.

Find a contract lawyer committed to excellence

Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, McGill, and Walters, An Association of Attorneys, focuses on all aspects of contract law in Middle Tennessee. To see how professionalism and personal service can make a difference contact the attorneys online.