Franklin Attorneys Understand Real Estate Law

Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, McGill, and Walters, An Association of Attorneys, boasts an extensive real estate practice encompassing residential and commercial real estate transactions. Their diligence consistently earns the trust of clients, who then recommend their professional services to colleagues, family and friends.


The attorneys represent buyers, sellers, developers and tenants in simple and complex transactions. From the straightforward deal to transfer ownership of land or buildings to related issues such as financing, leasing, taxes, construction and meeting environmental regulations, the attorneys make client priorities theirs.

Because a contract is at the heart of a real estate deal, the attorneys carefully draft and review purchase and lease agreements that adhere to Tennessee law and satisfy client goals.

Clients with rental properties depend on the firm’s sage counsel in avoiding and resolving landlord-tenant matters.


When a real estate attorney from the association handles a closing, he or she conducts due diligence, to ensure all documentation is in order and ready to be signed. The attorney reviews the:

  • Closing statement detailing the full cost of the transaction
  • Deed
  • Title
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Disclosures
  • Inspection certificates

The lawyers’ primary concern is to close the deal appropriately and legally, while affording the client a stress-free experience.

Handling a closing on your own can be tempting. But with so much at stake, is it worth the risk? Attorneys in the association protect your interests in your property deal and make certain you understand the legal ramifications associated with it.


When a buyer and seller enter into a sales agreement, escrow opens. It closes when the transaction is complete — the deed is filed and money has been transferred. What occurs in between is a great deal of detail work. Attorneys in the association who work regularly in real estate handle all details on behalf of clients during the escrow period. Additionally, they serve as independent escrow attorneys, securing the property and examining documents to ensure the transaction agreement provisions are met. An escrow attorney serves both parties in the transaction.

Make your real estate transaction easy and smooth

Story, Abernathy, Campbell, Ashworth, McGill, and Walters, An Association of Attorneys, prides itself on providing the highest-caliber representation in real estate dealings. For professional representation in a high-stakes transaction contact the attorneys online.